At Fat Hen, there is a constantly growing list of locally sourced items that can be found on our menu. From beer to eggs, we love local! We pride ourselves on doing the research until we find the perfect fit for our menu. We get our fish and our Stono crabs right from the water, from fishermen and crabbers in the Charleston area.

fat hen loves local business

We change our menu as we see fit to assure that our customers are getting the freshest options with vegetables that are in season and fish that are in their prime during a certain time of year.

Our Steak Tartare is just one of the many dishes on our menu that includes a locally sourced item. Made with raw hanger steak, dijon, anchovy and capers, it is served with toast points and is always finished with a quail egg. Our quail eggs are sourced from Thaddeus Farms. Located on Wadmalaw Island, a short drive down the road from Fat Hen, the farm raises raise dual purpose chickens, quail, ducks, guineas and New Zealand Cross Rabbits.

fat hen steak tartare

If you’ve ever had dinner or brunch at Fat Hen, chances are, you’ve indulged in something that was harvested in the Lowcountry and that is something we take extreme pride in! We are thankful for customers that support eating locally and we want to return the gesture in our appreciation for local farmers, fishermen, brewers and more!

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